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A Short Note on Biosimilars and a Personal Note on My Investment Philosophy

One of the reasons for sharing this article is that it underscores that the doubts over the safety and efficacy of biosimilars have more or less finally vanished and biosimilars are now viewed upon as legitimate, safe and efficient.

To illustrate this, I’d like to present a few quotes from the article.

“A decade after the introduction of the first biosimilar into the market and the good experiences of patients and healthcare providers with these medicines, the shadows of doubt over the safety and efficacy of these treatments have mostly blown away.”

“I strongly believe that the introduction of biosimilars is one of the biggest leaps we have made towards a sustainable healthcare system.”

“So while I am excited to see the journey we have been on so far with biosimilars and the true breakthrough this has offered, I remain more excited about the future – the changes I am seeing in the healthcare community’s approach and what we can make of this opportunity. But we still have some work to do.”

A small tribute to the people in the biosimilar business and in particular to Xbrane Biopharma

But this article also provides us with an insight into the commitment of the people who work in the biosimilar area. It has not been an easy struggle to get where biosimilars are today. The article testifies to how many years of hard work, perseverance and persistence lies behind the development of biosimilars – and how complex it actually is to develop biosimilars. Generally speaking, seven to eight years of development and investment of $ 100-250 million are being made to produce a biosimilar. That said, I would like to pay tribute to the people behind the Swedish BioTech company Xbrane Biopharma – what unbelievable work you have not only put down but as you continue to lay down. Not only for your own sake but for people around the world to be able to afford to buy qualitative drugs.

The article also highlights something that has become more and more important to me when I invest: that my investments contribute to the good of humanity in some way.

”The introduction of biosimilars does not only offer new solutions, new partnership opportunities and new innovative approaches, it also contributes to a more sustainable healthcare system, delivering value beyond the product itself.”

“By working together to continue to utilize all of the breakthroughs, establish biosimilars as a true mainstay of treatment and deliver the support systems needed to allow patients and healthcare providers to benefit from more choice and more value, we take one further leap towards creating a sustainable healthcare system.”

This article is written by one of the driving spirits in biosimilars, mr Ivan Blanarik. If you’d like to learn more about him, please see the links below.