Patriot One Technologies Summary of the Quarterly Update 31/05/2018

Key Partnership Announcements

The Company is in advanced discussions regarding key strategic partnerships, and consulting with leaders in the threat detection space.

It is a fact that several of these ongoing conversations could positively impact our efforts in three specific threat detection arenas: product integration, development and implementation. Furthermore, these potential opportunities include additional threat detection technologies that could augment and enhance our solution across diverse environments.

PATSCAN CMR Development Progress

Our PATSCAN CMR hardware team, led by radar expert Dr. Paul Rice, has instituted an antenna update program, which includes additional testing at our Las Vegas development center.

While we had hoped to have the product development farther along by now, we are pleased with the advances made to-date and strongly believe our ongoing updates will deliver the performance characteristics required for the system’s intended commercial application.

PATSCAN CMR Development Center Expansion

As stated in earlier announcements over the quarter, our management and engineers have begun preparations to roll out two additional development centers. We expect that working in these additional real-world environments, including applying recent advances in our antenna design, will further propel our hardware and software development and move our PATSCAN CMR solution further towards commercialization.

Public Policy Efforts

Of particular note, we met the Executive Director for the National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO). As a result, we are now in discussions about a roll out of Patriot One information to schools and resource officers across the nation.

Patriot One participated in the Hoover Security Summit near Birmingham, Alabama. The team met with major law enforcement agencies representing several counties, municipalities and the University of Alabama, an institution that hosts over 120,000 visitors each week in its football stadium for their 8 home games for NCAA College Football.

My thoughts


Exciting and bullish
*progress with key strategic partners
*update of the radar
*potential nationwide info roll out to schools

Slightly disappointing
*Product development expected to have come farther along by now


Still a very solid and bullish case indeed.

Have a look at my previous articles on #patriot1tech.



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