Patriot One Technologies – an update and summary on the last couple of months.

Greetings fellow shareholders and all you interested in Patriot One Technologies!

It has been an eventful month or so to say the least. Or has it?

Let us be honest. Yes, we have seen an all time high ($1.95) in the share price just to see an equally “high” downside. The interest in the stock saw an incredible surge in conjunction with the FCC approval and then again with the promotion of the Facebook group. But the fall in the share price has taken its due toll on the interest in the company. But if we set aside psychological aspects, has anything really changed? My answer would be yes! But not for the worse.

In order to share my view, one needs to be well briefed on what the company has communicated and in particular on their timeline and milestones. It might sound a bit harsh and disrespectful. That is certainly not my intention. I have the utmost respect for the fact that it is impossible for the vast majority to find the time to not only do research but also to analyse the available information. I have been able to brief myself on the stock and for that I am grateful.

I see a clear common thread in Patriot One Technologies´ strategy. They have been very honest and open with their plans and timeline for the development of the company. This is best illustrated by the presented milestone of 2017.

Key Milestones Targeted by Patriot One UPDATED

The company has fulfilled every single milestone so far. That is not hype, that is simply a fact. And it becomes even more clear when you listen to the many interviews with CEO Martin Cronin. The news presented in Q3 2017 has been completely in line with expectations. Which normally is very well received among investors, current as potential. But due to a large amount of hyping and over enthusiastic individuals posting one analysis greater than the other, many have come to expect immediate and huge news during 2017. This is certainly not the only explanation, but it sure is a big part of it.

The latest press release was not well received by many of the shareholders, looking for immediate and huge news. Many people expressed their disappointment and were quite upset. Before this press release there was great frustration over the absence of news and press releases from the company. But the fact of the matter is that the latest press release was excellent. The company communicated not only that everything is completely in line with the business plan, but also revealed some great news that I did not expect. I am referring to updates on the progress of product development (a mobile version of PATSCAN), installations and evaluation, the development, training and showroom centers, and the hiring of even more prominent leading experts. Please have a look at this article for more detailed analysis of this press release.

The newsletter that was communicated recently is confirming that the company is really fulfilling their goals, milestones and timelines. In my view, we could not ask for a more detailed update. It contains valuable information and is simply a display of facts and confidence. Everything we need to know is right there. But if you´re looking for a multi billion sales order or announcement of a tier-1 partnership you will be disappointed for sure. But then bare in mind that events of that sort can not happen until everything else is in place. And that is exactly what the company is doing. Making sure that they have a solid product to market. I am confident that there is indeed a deal ready with both tier-1 and major resellers across the globe, waiting to be signed when PATSCAN is at get go. The earlier communicated pre-orders is really a confirmation on what is about to come.

I leave you with a quote (somewhat edited) that is also reflecting my obsolete taste in music.

Sad shareholders take it slow, and it’ll work itself out fine

All we need is just a little patience


All the best,



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